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This open house was active from May 14 - June 13, 2021. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the road and signal technology that improves safety and convenience for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The ITS Plan was created in 2005 to outline our approach to building ITS. This open house overviews the 2021 ITS Plan Update. The technical document is available by request.


ITS goals:

  • Enhance safety for all travelers
  • Provide equitable access to all transportation options
  • Reduce congestion and vehicle emissions
  • Improve traveler information




ITS can:

  • Move traffic more effectively
  • Manage traffic using "smart signal" technology 
  • Help clear traffic incidents more quickly
  • Provide better information to travelers about road conditions
  • Reduce traffic maintenance costs
  • Improve transportation system efficiency


ITS cannot:

  • Increase road capacity
  • Eliminate traffic congestion